RIP Mondeo


I finally got my computer fixed!

And with it working, I finally edited the footage from when we went out to wreck my car.

It was getting picked up for scrap the next day, and ever since I learnt to jump a unicycle I wanted to jump on a car.

So we did. And had some other laughs with it too.

The unicycling isn’t memorable by any means, so don’t expect owt fancy!

here it is on youtube

The unicyclist gallery was being weird with me but I’m working on getting it there too.



looks like you had a lot fun with the mondeo, should have done some unispins and stuff on the top of it, that would have been cool :smiley:

That car still looked in better shape than the ones that most of my friends drive. Why was it getting scraped?

that seems pretty fun, but there are better things to do with cars, like sell them, or possibly give them to me.

YEAH Tom! Iv been waiting for that for AGES! I thought you had just forgotten you were gonna make that!
Sweet as fuck!


It went to the scrapyard in the sky :frowning:

Am I the only one wondering why?

It looked like a quite nice fairly new car. Even if there was something major wrong with it it should of still had a half decent trade in value. (my buddy got $8000 trade in for a 2000 VW rabbit with a dead tranny, more than what he payed for it)

Cheers folks!

The car was fooked when I bought it and I took it to within inches of it’s life.

This is why it was getting scrapped. It was already scraped.

It was 13 years old, had two weeks left on the mot, had no speedo or odometer, used to cut out as soon as you pressed the clutch when you were slowing down for junctions, the lights on the dashboard were random and meant nothing, virtually no rear brakes, no handbrake, the suspension was fooked (they should call them slow-bumps, not speed-bumps!), the headlights hardly worked (I hit a few kerbs thanks to them).

Also, it was draining my funds through costly insurance and being quite thirsty. I couldn’t afford to get it through it’s mot and keep it insured and fed so…

We took it out for a last time and covered it in dents and even more scrapes with our unicycles. When we had finished, the sunroof glass was higher than the roof, we had bent it in that much!

When I bought it, I bought it to kill it. The mission was simple:
buy cheap old car with long mot,
tax for 6 months,
drive to death,
scrap it.

I think I completed my mission succesfully.

I had to fix a few things, some I did myself, some needed a garage. I kitted out the interior quite swish (I thought): good head unit and front speakers, sub in boot, blue lights inside (cheesy, I know!), “useful” lights in the visors, tilt and pitch meter (for 4x4’s but it worked in the old boat-like mondeo), and tiger fur front seat covers. Fook them in the back!

Outside it got the UNI sticker, red rear bumper, red front mudflaps, red sunstrip. I wanted to get red mirrors too but never found any in a scrapyard.

As a first car it was great. I did a bit of fixing, a lot of paying, and had hunners of fun. I had a few incidents with it but luckily I never crashed it or hurt anyone or anything. Maybe scared a few tho!


traditionally at times like this you take the sump plug out, start the enigne, brick the accelerator and see how long before it explodes. Good video though.

hate this vid

Good for you.

Tom, thats exactly how cars should be. Full of fond memories and fun times. At the moment im driving round a 19 year old vw polo and its great coz I don’t really care if I dent it and the handbrake works really well too! Plus its only a 1 litre, so its hilariously under powered aswell! Done some awesome off roading and rally stages in it!


I loved that car!

That car had more personality than some of my ex-girlfriends,although i was never scared inside any of them!

A worthy send off of a worthy vehicle.

Well done fella’s.

Good to see yourself and Pebbles back on the forum, are you guys planning on coming to unicon at all?

Dunno, man.

I had a quick check about it, £80quid for a week is good, but how do you go about getting three unicycles there? Or two at least.

Is there no BUC?



Take them on the plane as your sports equipment allowance or, give them to myself or Joe B before we go and we can take them in Joe’s van.

You sir would absolutely love Christiania in Copenhagen it’s where I’ll be spending most of my time.

I don’t know anything about BUC this year.

My last holiday was going to “The Cup” in Amsterdam, in November there.

I was thinking about going to Christiania, instead of the cup again, but I wasn’t sure where it was exactly. Like, what country?!

I thought about going to unicon after your question instead of going to The Cup again and now I find out that unicon is in the same country as Christiania!

Hmmm, I think I might start to seriously think about starting thinking about this one.

It is during the school summer holidays so getting time off is not a problem,
a ticket to unicon is cheaper than a ticket to the cup,
I’ve never been to Denmark, (been to 'dam 7 times)
Christiania is like the Dam, isn’t it? That’ll save me the customs worries!
Hunners of unicyclists.

Aye, pencil me in. I’m a have to start planning and looking at the calendar.