Riot Unicycling

Some days ago i invented a new style of unicycling “Riot unicycling”
Here it is Riot Unicycling

Quite the terrifying scene. To be honest, watching it on the news wasn’t easy, but seeing it from your perspective … just made it more real. You were brave to be out there. It turns my stomach…

hey the link’s not working! I get “Not found”

Wow! thats crazy :astonished:

that kicked ass. the riot part

Amazing. You took all those things you watch in that detached way on the news, and provided something to which we can all relate in the midst of chaos, forcing everyone to look at what really is happening. Something completely new and different.

what caused the explotion seconds after this:



A big chrysanthemum bomb next to the police car. There were a lot of them.

whats chrysanthemum? also how leathal are the bombs?

It´s a big, very leathel and illegal bomb. (firework) It is supposed to go a few hundred meters up in the air and explode.

hmmm that kinda turns the brave descriping of the vid to stupid it your getting that close to them :wink:

I heard about this on the TV. Lol, trials on a bonfire:D

It was a riot, you cant really control who’s gonna be doing what and where they will do it.

This video is one of my favorites now. It will be on my hardrive for a good long time.

congratulations guy, it’s amanzing! :astonished: you are crazy!!! :wink:

Thanks. Nice to hear.

Was that a tear gas grenade near two minutes into it?

By the way what has been the results of these riots? I had no clue what they were about when I first watched the video but I read alot online and couldn’t really find out what happened in the end. Are they still ongoing?

Jeez, your scaring me.

No it was a chrysanthemum bomb.
But there was lots of teargas later on.

The riot is about a youth center (ungdomshus) wich was given to the young people of copenhagen as a gift back in 1982 by the city goverment. Then 5 years ago the house got sold to a christian sect. The sect tryed to bye the house earlyer, but the city woulden´t sell to a sect. So the sect made a fake company and bought the house, broke down and gave the house to them selves. (short version) For the past 5 years there has been a lot of trials about the ownership of the house. Now copenhagen has no youth center and people are pissed.

The riots went on for 3 days with 650 arrested. Yesterday the house got torn down, so the riots will probaly start again.

Isn’t this the site of Unicon 14 (2008)? Pack up the wife and kids, it’s sure to be a good time for all!
Seriously though, it is an unfortunate situation.
Intense video, very cool, thanks for giving us your perspective.

2 friends of mine got arrested in Kopenhagen