Riot ride in paris?

I’m thinking of hitting up Paris next weekend via le TGV and was wondering if any riders from that area would want to do a little street ride?

I’m not sure whats going on exactlly with the curfues being imposed by the french govt. If it is a big deal I can probably reschedule until after this riot stuff passes over a bit.


if you can speak a bit french you can go to

im sure there is a few rider in paris

Hi Mike,

It would be great to see you in Paris and go for a ride.
There is no problem in the city (well actually, I’ve heard that very few cars had been burned last week in the city). The problems are in the suburbs. I’ve seen nothing in Paris. And last Monday, when I went to my uni club meeting in the suburbs, we’ve crossed a city were a lot of troubles happened (schools burned…). . We haven’t seen anything!!
I’ve heard on the radio that those events are shown abroad as more intense as they are.
Anyway,it is really sad what happened.

The things seem to be more calm now, specially around Paris. the curfues are not imposed in Paris but in some other places. We haven’t stopped our weekly Tuesday night ride. And of course, we could organize another one. Very few Parisians read that forum and just a bit more read the French one, I’ll try to tell them…

Anso and others,

I am still planing on heading to paris tomorrow for the day and bringing my uni along with me.

I would love to meet up with some riders if it is possible.

I only plan on staying for the day.

If anyone is free please let me know so that we can arange a meeting place and time.

if you need to email me send that to unicyclemike (@) gmail (.) com