Rio Bravo 16 mile MTB ride Bakersfield CA

Jan. 14 at 9.00 a.m. in Bakersfield CALIF there will be a 16 mile MTB ride in the hills. I would like to do the easy ride. It costs $35. Would any body like to start with me. I say start with me because everybody does different speeds. I will be riding a 29". Pictures of the route can be found on the running club site “Bakersfield track Club—photos–Rio Bravo”. It looks like it is all easy terrain, nothing technical.

Did it all by myself and I. About 6 miles of rarely used dirt road and 9 miles of cattle trail. It was all on a private ranch where it is only ridden once a year. It was great, 100 + bike riders smoothed out the cow path before me and then I rode over it., I rode up hills, down hills, through a stream, all over the place on the path they gave us to ride. I had to walk some sections that were too steep uphill and some that were too steep downhill. Had a blast, next year, somebody take the challenge and accompany me. and ps. Won a prize for first in the unicycle division, they made that up on the fly.

Oh, at first I thought you said they smoothed out the cow pies. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a fun event, and ripe for the giving of more unicycle awards next year!

Cow pies all over the place. They did smooth out a bunch of them. But I didn’t have to ride over the wet ones because the bikers had already ground them up in their tires. Cattle bones, and rib cages, scattered throughout the ride too.