ringing rocks PA muni/trials ride

last weakend i went to ringing rocks park and it was amazeing there it a very tecknical tral and great bolders for trials this being said i want to get togather a grope of riders for the next time i go im thinking the 18 or the 25 what do you think

Re: ringing rocks PA muni/trials ride

I believe it was determined a couple of years ago that the proper term for a bunch of Unicyclists is a “wobble”. At least, that was my favorite from the entries.

Re: ringing rocks PA muni/trials ride

Punctuation, please. And then consider a dictionary. :smiley:

Riding with a group in the woods is a blast. Organize a ride and enjoy the fun. This weekend I’m going to Kentucky to ride with about 18 or so riders. Can’t wait! Way too much fun for any one person.

Wobble is a good term for a gaggle of riders.

Hey, I’m almost in New York, but I’ll come down to where ever for something. Talk to me on AIM kiddysunshine2BR or PM me if you want my cell phone number. Where in PA do you want to ride? I can call up Obie and see if he wants to come… get ahold of me!


Check your PM’s, unicyclepa