What is the strongest 24" aluminum rim that will hold a 3" tire at a reasonable price (under $50)? I need someting that will hold up to a lot of beating. It doesn’t need to have smooth breaking. It also has to have 36 nipple eyelets. Thanks for your help.

P.S. What is the exact size of the rim?

A Kris Holm Freeride rim should do you about 30 bones damage. Thats really very cheap.

I’d go tried and true,
Alex DX-32,
That’s the rim for you.

I hear ya. That is a good point. But im a cheap bastard. At uni.com the KH is $30 and the DX is $41.

The KH is out of stock at uni.com. I’ll see if Bedford has any. Thanks for your help.

What about the sun double wide?

The sun doublewide is like $79

Just so you know the new KH rims seem to be having some problems. Up in toronto Bedford had 2 or 3 where the sidewall on the rim had failed (all were on 19" rims). I believe that there was someone else who did a drop and blew out the sidewall of one of these rims as well.

Not to say anything bad about kris’ products but they are a first gen. product at this point and you have been warned.


There is no reason for any concern over these rim failures, since all the rims with this particualar defect have been shipped to taiwan to be replaced, and if you buy a rim from now on, it won’t have that problem. I think the KH rims are better than the DX-32 since they don’t seem to go out of round (flat spots) as easily.


Nobody noticed my awesome haiku.

arrow racing rim. its really good.

I bust my KH 24" rim last week. Same thing, the sidewall went along the braking groove. I think I might go for a different replacement rim perhaps the alex…All I need now is some money.:frowning:


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Really? Obie exercised 1.5 day restraint.
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I’m on my first ever trials uni, with a DX-32. What does “go out of round” mean?

I’ve heard the people talk about getting flatspots on skateboard wheels…but in terms of a rim, how long and how much abuse would I have to put on my rim to notice this? I haven’t had/ridden on it six months yet (and I’m more concerned with ups, because drops aren’t as technical around here). Is this something that can be fixed or prevented with radial truing, and/or crank rotation every so many rides?

I figure I should know these things as my skills increase, because I’ve not given much thought to unicycle maintenance yet:(