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does have anyone experience, or just know or just guess :slight_smile: the difference how is the same 29/3,25" tire behaving when put on different rim? E.g. KH have 47-55 mm, QX 45 mm, Nimbus 42 mm…

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

The wider rims will give a little more volume and make the tire a bit more squarish on the surface, while the narrower rim give a more round profile. There were drawings in bike magazines when plus size tires and wider rims came up, however can´t find a propper link.

I would not expect to feel a (major) difference in a blind test using the same plus size tire with the same pressure on the the above mentioned rims. Certainly a 3,25 inch tire on a narrow rim (e.g. 20mm inner width) will not ride well and you will feel the difference.

Are you considering building a Muni wheel? Then you should think about a mtb rim, there is much more choice and most of them are lighter, even the DH versions.

I don’t have a ton of experience with rim/tire combinations. However, I found a nice combination on my 24" muni with a KH 47mm rim and a 2.1" wide Schwalbe Smart Sam tire. I may be wrongly attributing the effects, but the combination of wider rim and narrower tire handled much better, particularly while turning. I think the setup limits the side-to-side flex of the tire. This setup only works because I have relatively high tire pressure; otherwise, there would be more risk damaging the rim.

If this is your first muni, I suggest picking a middle-of-the-road tire/rim combination, such as what comes on packaged unis. I would avoid fat tires unless there is something specific about the terrain you mostly ride on that calls for it.

The shape behaves like Kunstrasen described. The tire gets more rounded with a narrower rim. Might have some influence on how it feels with road/trail camber, but I’m not sure if anyone has tried that.

The wider the rim for the same size tire, the less it moves side to side when turning. So a wider rim will feel more direct, and less floaty. Side to side floatiness is never a good thing.

You will however loose some ability to run a slimmer tire. A 55mm with a 2" tire would probably not work. So keep that in mind.

thanks all

Thanks all for sharing.
So generally in curvy and offroad terrain/trails the U profile (with wider rims) make the ride more stable… then rather the O profile…