rim to accomodate

so, i have this 20x2.3 tire and i need a rim to accomodate it. will a 2.125 rim work, or a 20x2.0? the iso is no problem but i just need something wide enough for the casing to stay put.

just get the widest rim you can find.
rims are NOT measured like that. figure out what you are talking about. then come back to us. if you have a 1/2 reasonable question.

frame clearance matters.

wtf??? of course they are its the width of the rim

gah, not to be a jerk, but you don’t know what you are talking about.

width of the rim only matters if you have a racing 24" tire (1" or so) and a massive offroad mountain bike tire.

just put the tire on the rim, if you are doing trials the wider the rim the better because you won’t fold the tire as much, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about don’t worry about it.

if you are thinking about getting a new rim , tell us what uni you have and we will tell you what rim will work with it, if another/better rim works at all.

the best thing for street/trials is a 19" trials rim
freestyle is a 20"

you don’t know what you’re talking about
if you are getting a new rim, get a 19" and get a Creepy crawler tire for it.
it will be worth it.

let me put it this way. I have put a 1.5" tire and a 2.35" tire on the same rim
don’t worry about the rim, you don’t know what you are talking about.
your rim is NOT 2.125" wide
it doesn’t matter about the tires, the size they say to get for your bicycle is the BEST IN THEIR OPINION

Email udc

Tell them what hub you have. Then they can hopefully tell you what spokes and rim you need. As long as the tire is the right diameter for the rim, it should fit more or less. Tire clearance to the frame is more the limiting factor. Some frames can fit fatter tires.

here is the thing, technically it should work, i konw what you are talking about and sorry for overreacting or whatever…BUT my 1.75 rim will not fit the 20x3.0 tire. When i start pumping it up the casing just pops right off because the rim will not hold it on, and for the 20x2.5 i know about the 19 inch rim because the iso diameter is smaller, but this the casing on the tire will not stay on no matter what.

umm…I hate to say it, but skrobo’s right. Your rim is probably not 1.75 inches wide (they’re measured in mm anyway)…and there’s no such thing as a 20x3.0 tire…

oh, ok
that makes sense

its not that hard, air it up just enough to make the tire hit the rim on each side and air it up REALLY slowly from there while spinning the tire to make sure that the tire doesn’t try to come off You will see the bead start to go out. if that happens let a tiny bit of air out and push it back in… repeat

there are very few combinations like you said that Do NOT work at all, even if you use this method.
i have only come across one and I have repaired so many tires it isn’t even funny.

wanna bet that theres no such thing as a 20x3.0, and the rim says 20x1.75. im not saying inches, but it should fit

umm…I hate to say it, but skrobo’s right. Your rim is probably not 1.75 inches wide, and there’s no such thing as a 20x3.0" tire…

but, notwithstanding the previous things, a 1.75" rim (44.45 mm) would most definitely be able to hold a 3" wide tire. That’s wider than most muni rims, and they hold 3" tires on a regular basis.

edit: sorry about the double post.

hey, it may theoretically fit but no one, not even my bike shop, can get it to stay, it will not fit.

i bet I could.

is the tire 2.3 or 3.0?
what is it called?

sounds like a problem with the tire’s bead or the rim then.

maybe the rim is saying the largest tire it can accommodate is a 20x1.75" tire? which would make it more like a 25mm rim.

yeah yeah…can you give us a link to the tire, or tell us what brand/model it is? i’m sure there are some trials riders out there who would love a 3" tire…but it may cause some frame clearance issues :frowning:

WOAH, i didnt catch that ive been saying 20x2.3. sorry for the confusion, it is a 20x3.0. wow im really sorry for that. but yea i MEANT 20x3.0 cause thats what i need to fit on a rim. my frame will handle it, i measured, and yea, itll fit.

its a sun flame cruiser tire. you can get it at most bike shops, assuming they can order from j&b importers.

yeah, those are for the chopper bikes, i have seen them. they are seated on rims like 2" wide, i don’t know what to tell you.
figure out how to glue your tire on, it wouldn’t be that great anyways. The rim will just be too skinny. it will fold on the smallest sidehop.

well im thinking of it for a BC wheel

most rims are measured in mm (for width). So like the KH07 rim is 47mm.

ANd if ur 2.3" tyre pops out of the rim which was holding a 1.75" tyre then theres a problem with the rim or tyre. I changed from a 1.75" tyre (with a very thin rim) to a 2.3" tyre and everything went fine.