Rim tire run out

My freestyle 26 is 3-4 months old and done about 20-30 kms my rim has about 2mm runout but the tire has about 5-8mm runout is this normal or should I contact UDC .

Pretty much any wheel will need an adjustment after it has run in. Let off the tyre, true the wheel, reseat the tyre and inflate.

Truing wheels is a really interesting process that isn’t hard to learn. Basically you are just winding the nipples to pull on the rim so that it runs both centrally and at a constant radius.

The small warp in your wheel is an ideal experience to begin with. Buy a good spoke wrench of the right size and set up a pointer on your frame to gauge the rim tracking.

If the rim pulls to one side in one area, then tighten the spokes on the other side or reduce the tension on the side it pulls to. If the rim has a high spot where the radius is increased then tighten the spokes on both sides to pull it in. Let both sides off if it is bit low.

If the whole rim is too far to one side then tighten all the spokes on one side and/or loosen all the spokes on the other. In practice, every adjustment is a combination of all these movements.

Meanwhile keep the spoke tension even across all spokes. If you tighten one side you may have to loosen the other. If you pull a bulge in on one side by tensioning spokes it will also increase tension in other areas. Just keep moving everything in the direction it needs to go. Make small adjustments , gauge the tracking and be methodical.

Generally during each adjustment you would adjust the spokes right at the problem the most and then the adjacent ones a bit less as you get further away.

One day you really must experience building yourself a wheel and you have to start somewhere.

The rim runout seems fairly normal, just true it (or have your local bike store true it for you).

The tire runout happens, it is usually nothing to worry about, just a tire that is not seated properly.

Let the air out of your tire, take one side of it of the rim, make sure there are no twists in your inner tube.

Put some air into your tube, mount the tire, and check it is properly seated all around.

Optional: put a bit more air into tire, so you can ride but not hit the rim, ride 30m. This will usually get the tire into the right space.

Inflate the tire to your desired pressure.

If you are really unlucky, all this will not help, and your tire is defective, if so, contact UDC about it.

The rim runout is covered well by OneTrackMind (I disagree that it’s normal for any wheel to need adjusting - ones I’ve built I’ve never touched again and they’re still perfect - but that’s another debate, and it’s not an unusual problem with cheapish machine built wheels). 5mm of runout on the tyre seems quite a lot though - it’s possible that it’s not seated properly, though some tyres aren’t perfect. However the question is whether you can tell whilst you’re riding or just by spinning the wheel. Unless you’re incredibly highly skilled, or doing coasting then there is way more “runout” than that involved in pedalling a unicycle, I doubt I would notice that when riding. In fact I’ve ridden a uni with a taco shaped wheel (deliberately built like that), and whilst you could tell it was surprisingly easy to get used to.