Rim Switching and Hub Recommendation

Hey all,

I would like to switch the rim on my Nimbus 20’ trials wheel. Although the rim I’m looking at is only available in 32 hole. What would be a good 32hole ISIS hub?

Do you think it’d just be easier to get a bike shop to do it, or could I do it myself without to much struggle?

I’m fairly new to wheel building, any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a Mad4One hub, the Nimbus 32h ISIS hub should do the job well. I have built two wheels with the Nimbus 32h hub and though I’m not really hard on equipment they have been great.

If you have patience (you must have some having learned to unicycle) and can follow directions you can build your own wheel. You can use UDC.uk’s spoke calculator to figure out the spoke length you need. The hub will be listed in the drop down but you may need to find the ERD of the rim to plug it in.

Learning to build your own wheels opens up a lot of possibilities for custom options without high costs.

I am running a nimbus 32 hole hub and my friend has a mad4one 32hole hub and my 24 trials has a 32 hole koxxone hub and all are good. one thing i dont like about the mad4one is that it breaks more spokes than the rest of them