Rim strip size for a KH Freeride 24" rim

I just finished lacing a 24" KH Freeride rim, and now I am trying to put on the KH blue rim strip, but it seems way too small. The rim strip has this code on it: JPH194107, and the length/circumference is 43" (110 cm). Did UDC send me the wrong size, or am I just being a wimp about stretching it?



It’s been a while since I put on a KH rimstrip… but I just recently installed a Surly on a Large Marge Lite… I thought the same thing. Man this is too small. Once it is on it fits perfectly.

Give it a rip. It’s a $4 rim strip. Chances are, it is the correct size.

Looks fine to me. Stretch that sucker on there.

Thanks Killian and Biped. It took three of us to get it on (that could be construed in different ways!). To clarify: with help from Nancy and a neighbor we were able to stretch the rim strip on to the rim, and we even got the valve stem hole lined up correctly :slight_smile: I probably could have gotten the rim strip on by myself, but the valve stem hole would not have lined up.


Don’t cut it!!! I made that mistake with my surly rim strip (it initially seemed impossible…way too small). But after cutting it, I had to use a ton of duct tape to keep the ends together. If you take it to an LBS they can get it on for you easily. Or just keep working at it yourself. It’s a pain, but it’s possible.

Just begin at the valve stem. Line it up, push the valve stem trough it and then pull that thing over the rim …