Rim Shopping

Why is it so hard to find a 48 hole rim? Can anybody point me towards a place where I can buy such a beast?

Even unicycle.com, who sells plenty of 48 hole hubs, only seems to stock 36 hole rims.

I’m not sure where to get 48h rims, but you could lace your 48h hub to a nice 32h rim… :smiley:

You’re kind of lucky that you have a 48 hole hub. When I go to a 32 hole rim I’m going to have to buy a hub too. Considering the number of good trials rims available in 32 your options just exploded.

You might need a different spoke length for the 32 build, but it’s a straight forward build just skip every third hole on the hub.


I also want to post this one.:stuck_out_tongue:
But I don’t know another one.:frowning:
But do you want to buy a 20 inch rim or an other size…

i’m still baffled by the fact that they sell 48h hole hubs and zero rims to fit such hubs…