rim question

if i wanted to replace a rim
what would i need?
do i just need a new rim or anything else
or is it easier to get a wheelkit?
just looking for some advice thanks

(im looking at peppl.com) if that helps

if your getting the same rim you can re-use the spokes and nipples so all you would need is the same rim.

if your getting a much different rim then you would probably need new spokes to suit the difference in lengths of spokes.

however if your changing rims its better to change spokes aswell because they will be stronger. but if money is lacking the old ones can be re-used.

if your doing it yourself you’ll need a spoke wrench.

so do you think my current unicycle
would fit thisrim?
is there anything else i should maybe update on my unicycle?

maybe, how many spokes is the unicycle?

if your current rim is not bent beyond repair there is no reason to get a new one.

and, unless you are using it for freestyle there is no reason to get a 20" rim, i don’t know what kind of riding you are doing. you may not be able to use the new rim w/ the old spokes because double wall rims usually anchor the spokes closer to the hub… which = shorter spokes.

That is a great, light and cheap uni

Excellent for learning and enjoying general riding. To turn it into a good trials uni, all you need is, a stronger seat base, seat post, frame, hub, better cranks, and a new tire to go with your new rim. Maybe you can reuse the spokes, I dunno.
Really, it is a great uni. I would avoid smashing it up, or modding it in any way except to put on a seat you like. There is plenty of fun to have on that uni while you save up and wait for the KH’s to come back in stock at A E Bike.:slight_smile:

you would need new spokes. of the correct lenght maybe nipples.
it is easier to get a whole wheel set.
i would not change anything on that uni except the seat or pedals. if they need it.

hmm i just got worried because the site said its has a rim that will break with hopping

so i just wanted to fix it before i snap it and die
so just a new seat?
i need a new seat clamp the quickrelease one doesnt work very well

well thank you for the help