rim or hub

Tell me what you have and what you want for it.

I’m looking for:

  • 26" rim, DX32 or wider
  • ISIS hub

If you have any other 26" related stuff (tire, tube, rim tape…) I may be interested.

PM me with questions, or offers.



I got an ISIS KH hub, but the flanges are REALLY bent, I assume you would want a good condition hub… If your interested PM me, if not, I’ll just hang it on my wall:p

36 hole?

Since I don’t have a rim or a hub right now I’m open. 36 hole is the standard for Uni’s, and so it’s kind of what I’m expecting. If I get a 48 hole hub I will most likely build it up with a 32 hole rim.

If you have something in the 32-48 hole range in either hubs or rims let me know.

Tree Fort Bike:
If you want something wide:http://www.midwestbiketrials.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_17_39&products_id=207

I’ve been looking at midwest trials, and trialspads. The treefort bike price on the DX32 is a bit high. You can get them new for around 25 if you look.

I gave the internet a quick look today. All the places with cheap prices I knew about only had 32h. I thought I had you all fixed up for $25 from a trials bike friend but he just sold his last 36h as well. :frowning:

Thanks for the help with looking. I don’t mind getting a 32 hole, in fact it might offer more options. The 48 hole hub to pair it with will be a bit harder to come by used. Maybe someone has one banging around that they don’t mind letting go.

There should still be plenty of those yellow 48h Quax hubs around. As I recall, UDC was selling them with crank arms for $20 at the convention this summer. A bit heavy but very sturdy.

The qu-ax hub should be plenty strong, but I want ISIS just to have a standard with a good variety of cranks.