Rim/nipple problems

Ok, this time I will try to phrase this so the whole thread doesn’t turn into a nipple joke like last time :roll_eyes:

So recently I have having problems with my nipples snapping in half. I think it happens mostly when my feet accidentally hit the spokes during unispins/crankflip variations. When I broke the first one I started the other nipple thread. Then I broke another one. My spokes were really loose so I figured that was the problem. I replaced both of them then I made Evan true/tension my wheel. I figured then my wheel would be stronger. Well it didn’t work, a couple days later I snapped another one.

[seriously] Now I am out of extra nipples and I have one spoke that is dangling there. I am riding a KH trials rim and the nipples are what ever UDC sells.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it because of a bad wheel build or something? I am starting to get very annoyed.

i dont have this problem but maybe you need to purchase better quality/more expensive nipples. Or try get the same ones that KH uses on the KH unis.

Urge to mock nipples! Soo hard to resist!!!


closes thread to remove temptation

You’re cruel to make posts like this. It’s too much for some people to handle (me).

You and your nipples just cant keep it together eh Spencer?Lol.

Seriously though…I kno that Evan can probably build and tension a wheel but maybe you should start from scratch and got to your LBS and have them build a whole new wheel(Just spokes and nipples not the rim and all). get them to use DT spokes and nipples, theyre the strongest spokes ive ever come across and thats all we use in the shop i work at. It could just be a batch of faulty nipples thats all.


That’s so weird that your still having problems with your nipples. I’ve only broken a spoke once, and I’ve never had a nipple problem. So the nipple just splits in half? I’ve never even heard of that happening before. Maybe you just ride funny.

It spits between the part that you can put a screwdriver in and the part that sticks out of the rim. So I end up having the fat part of the nipple rolling around my rim somewhere. Last time it happened I think it popped my tube.

It is very annoying, I haven’t taken the broken one out so that spoke is still dangling there and moves all around when I ride. I don’t want to take it out because I might lose it.

Same thing happened to me the other day. Not sure how exaclty but yeah I think the same as you, unispin combos etc with the feet hitting the spokes. Still gotta replace mine sometime, its a KH05 too by the way.

The reason that you are splitting nipples is that your spokes aren’t long enough. They need to extend up into the head, the part that you put the screwdriver in. That is where you will get the strength of the nipple. Too short and they will continue to shear off at the head.

That can’t be the problem since they come out too far in the head so I can’t even put a screw driver in it. So if anything I think they are too long.

maybe they’re too long

A spoke coming through the end of the nipple won’t make it snap.

maybe you’ve got crappy nipples

sorry, but LoL. that was funny. Spencer, you might want to invest in a new wheelbuild, or new nipples. it doesn’t make sense that youve already broken like 5.

They should make some strong mag wheels, those things look awesome.

Heh, a splined jugglebug.:slight_smile:

I would have so much fun breaking one of those.

maybe Evan over tensioned your wheel? torquing the crap out of the spokes is just going to over-stress the spoke heads and nipples.

That might be possible. It was happening before Evan touched my wheel also. I don’t think they are that tight, they can move enough to rub against each other a little bit.

get longer and brass nippples

I just did the same thing again, snapped another nipple in half. I’ll have to get them both fixed (probably didnt help I hadn’t had the other one fixed yet).

I have just been replacing mine as they have snapped. I am up to 3 at the moment. It hasn’t happened in a while, maybe it has stopped.