rim flexing?

today, i was doing some trials on my coker. yes, my coker, and i was seat out hopping. i had it under control, so i hopped up a set of pallettes, and i was pretty happy with myself. then i went to hop down them, forgetting what i was on, and that weak rims and wheels in general should not be subjected to 150 lbs (human) plus 20 lbs (coker) of horizontal force, or they will taco!
i didnt have time to jump off before i realized what was happening, so i landed, and what happened ive never seen before. as i landed, my rim flexed about 3" out of line on the bottom, and since the top was confined by the frame, the rest of the rim buckled in a curvy general S pattern. i couldnt beleive it as i watched in horror, but then something odder happened. i jumped off, and as i left the uni the rim made a spring sound and returned to its original, true, shape! what the heck?

Did you see this thread from Sofa? Boy, it was a tough day for the Cokers.

It’s also a very disconcerting if this happens while riding (even more so if the coker belongs to someone else and they’re watching).

Try ripping a 90 degree turn on a grippy surface.

It feels as if the tyre is being pulled of the rim which is what I thought had happened before the coker’s owner informed me otherwise.

Leo White