Rim choice - Alex or Sun?

I am trying to decide between an Alex DX32 and a Sun BFR. What are the widths, and how strong are they? Which one would you recommend?

Everything you want to know about Sun and Alex specs but were afraid to ask:


http://www.alexrims.com/ speficically http://alexrims.com/rims/mc_dx32.htm

There’s also plenty here if you search.

Im my memory serves, the double wide is stronger but heavier, has a slightly wider inside measurement, and has a better design to avoid pinch flats. The alex is still strong and has a better surface if you intend on running a brake.

For what it is worth, two years ago I decided on the doublewide. Probably more strength than I’ll ever need.

(I just realized you asked about the Sun BFR, not Doublewide :o ).

Here’s the BFR specs http://www.sun-ringle.com/ShowRoom/BMX/Rims/images/bfr.jpg .

The DX 32 is wider than the BFR. What are you using the rim for? Freestyle? Trials?

I’ll be using the rim for muni and some trials. Probably gonna go with the DX32

I’d recommend the DX-32, having ridden with both. I have one on my muni and I love it.


I’d go with the sun. From my biking experiance, I trust sun rims more than Alex.

alex is cheaper (than sun doublewide)
alex is common (in the uni community)
alex is lighter (than sun doublewide)
alex is strong enough (for me at 230 pounds plus gear)

The Sun BFR is too skinny for a 3" muni tire. It’s not an option for a muni rim unless you never intend to use a fat tire, and then what’s the point?

The Alex DX32 is a good rim for muni. A few of the DX32 rims have been a bit sketchy separating where the rim is pinned together. Other than that the rims have done well. I have one on my muni.

Just get a flavor of the DX32 that has eyelets in the spoke holes. Alex makes a couple flavors of the DX32 rim. Some have eyelets and some do not.

JC beat me to it… You never said it you were geting 20 or 24, I am assuming the 24, but if you ment the 20"…The Alex is a 19" bike trials mod rim and will fit trials tires like Luna, Creepy Crawler, Monty. The Sun is a regular 20" rim and will not fit trials tires.