rim brakes

I want to put a rim brake on a KH24. Do I have to source it through UDC or can I just get one from a regular bike shop? I’m assuming hose length is an issue?

Hello, you might get about what you want through those sources, or you could buy one from me. . . its kind of what I do (sell new and lightly used rim brakes for unicycles in every color Magura ever made). This is me over in the trading post:

I’ll calculate the exact hose length for you and install a longer crossover tube to clear WIDE unicycle tires. They come with instructions for mounting and adjusting hydro rim brakes on unicycles to make it easy for first timers. I also have brake mounts and under saddle lever mounts.

I take paypal and you will have the brake in Australia in 7-10 days of payment (Shipments from Portland to Australia seem to get there really fast for some reason).
Send me a PM if you are interested.

hey bud, do you still sell rim brakes? I just recieved my new Nimbus green 24 Muni, brakes n/a till Sept. 2012.

HS33 brakes galore

Yes, I have dozens of Magura HS33 rim brakes (and mounts too) here that will fit your uni in all sorts of cool colors. What colors do you like? You want new or lightly used?
Let me know or send me a PM and I’ll send you some pics and prices.