RileyCrosby "bomb"


sorry bout bad quality. its youtube…


Nice viddy. Good riding too.


im impressed, you’re very controlled when hopping, i know im really fast when im doing a line but you go very slowly which looks cool, i either like it if someone goes really fast or very slow, big hops too whats ur sif record???

SIF record is 109cm. i got luckey. dont know how i did it… i can get 103 everytime now.

ive increaed SIF hop 20cm in 2 weeks. im happy :))


wow how tall are you, im 5’5 and i can get 80 every time i got 90 before

Wow man you’re REALLY good! How old are you? That was an awesome vid and a sweet trials course! 109cm is HUGE!

Keep it up!

That was pretty damn excellent!

how is you’r unycycle set-up? looks hot…

great vid!!! what song?

great gaps. one of the better trials vids. over all very impressive


there are a lot of good trials riders, but not many can make it look good…you, my friend, can do both. well done.
cool course too!

very good, I like how you did this video. You have a very nice, almost manifesto-like style with optimal control and very few setup hops.

nice vid. like the music, too.

Great riding and looks like a fun trials setup.

20 cm in two weeks. Nice.
Any tips? My record is 90cm minus and I seem to not be improving.

I freaking love this vid!


Excellent Muse-ic choice. (Pun very much intented).
Great riding, you carve up.
For everyone who doesn’t know, the song was ‘Bliss’ by ‘Muse’, one of the best bands in the world. Nice video man.
Nice camera quality too.

wow! 109cm thats absouloutly huge! nice rideing too your style is realy smooth. that was enjoyabale to watch.

wow you are way better than I thought you were, I love your trials course too.

great video…

loved the trials course. + great hops, skinnies and gaps. great vid!!