Riley Crosby Unicycle 2008

my 3rd video.

hope you enjoy. i put a lot of work into this one. some old clips, some new.

saved the best clips for a documentary i am making so be expecting that in a few weeks along with a short video of the finished unicycle course in my back yard.

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When the hell did you get so good!?

I am impressed man, I watched and enjoyed every second of that vid.

Really good riding. I would of enjoyed the vid more if it was half the length though. Could of done without some of it. But I don’t really like watching trials anyway :P. You’ll probably get better comments from trials riders.

O and you looked like you were riding really slow when you did the 10 set. Everyone else pedals flat out but you still cleared it so good job.

Click help :roll_eyes:

Some sweet lines in there. I wish there were some measurements though. The 6 stair up and the static up after that in the start were awesome.

Sweet video! You’re pretty dang good. That stair set jump was ok I guess. What was it? a 10 stair? nice…
Did you make the jump at 4:22 cause it defenitly looked like you were about to fall off haha
Very cool video

omg ive been waiting for you to make a new vid for soooo long.I loved how you float up the big ledges and how you filmed following the car.How high was the 7 blue pallet hop ? I think i can do that aswell

7 euro (blue or sometimes orange) is usually a little over 40" depending on the condition of the pallets.

oh ok thats like my max hop at the moment.7 blue pallets in nz is about 95cm or something

Awesome vid! It’s already one of my favourites :D!

This needs more replies
awesomely epic
I appreciate the work that obviously went into this
riding was awesome, filming was great and editing worked well. you made a nine minute vid easily watchable.
The pedal grab to the crossbar then gap to the other one was sweet.
Great stuff!

nice video and good length^^

loved that huge stairset jump
and the dnb

Great Video, absolutely loved it. Especially appreciated the total lack of measurements. I think some people get a bit hung up on measuring there best. I reckon trials isn’t about numbers, but about creativity and improving upon your own personal bests.


Very nice, Whereabouts are you? (i’m in the hottest state in the US too.)

Your a AWESOME rider. But this vid bore me…

Oh and did you make the jump at 3:09?

thanks for the comments !
i am in peoria arizona.

7 blue pallets measured 106cm for me. since then i have landed an 8 blue pallet jump. that measured 121cm.

yeah… it was pretty long. ill keep that in mind next time i make a video. ill try to keep it in the 5 minute range. i have already begun filming the next video so keep an eye out and feel free to subscribe to me
-Riley :slight_smile:

and ill put measurements in it to show off :slight_smile:

That was really good but a little long. You have nice jumps and the stair set was very nice.

yeah. its hard to keep my whole body in each clip because the backyard with the trials course in it is so crowded. ill work on that.

yeah i did lower my seat. i made this video over a 2 month period of time, so i have gotten stronger and am now able to lower my seat.

and the vid was 15 minutes to begin with. i did some major chopping so i could put it on youtube haha


but i can hop higher. ill gain more control eventually and it willlook smooth and flowey again