Riley Crosby-Side Hop

I’m pretty bored now that I sold my only unicycle to Harper. So I made this with an old clip I had on my computer. This is for all unicyclists who are trying to increase their seat out hops. Maybe this will help.



p.s. If it doesn’t work right now just wait and it will work in a few minutes. Its Processing still.

very very nice technique tucking and wheel tilt thing is flawless starting to look like ryan atkins but not so insanely mad hops :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice. That is indeed quite high.

I was just out practicing my tuck, and I was wondering. Before you hop do you have the seat resting against your legs or away from your body?

By the way that’s a huge hop!

i have it centered in between my legs with my arm touching the inside of my leg.

Oh…so the seat isn’t touching your leg at all. I haven’t tried that. I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks.

also here are some of my really old videos

no problem :slight_smile:

You live in Phoenix?

The skatepark in the first video, I was there last weekend. But I got kicked out after about 10 minutes. People there are really cool with unicyclist, no one tries to be an ass to you. Is that skatepark near your house?

yeah i live about 1 mile from there! haha
i have been kicked out of that skate park about 13 times. its a pretty nice one.

Oh man, I wish I would of know that before I went there. I could of met you there. Yea I was visiting my cousin and he skateboards so we went to that skatepark. It’s one of the best skateparks for unicycles I’ve ever been too. In California all we have are skateparks with a million bowls.

I got kicked out by the black lady with the messed up teeth. She came up screaming at me and I didn’t even know what I did wrong. She probally thought I was you and that’s why she was so angry. Have you ever been kicked out by her? She threatened to give me a 250 dollar ticket. What a bitch.

lol! yeah if she has really poofy hair with a baseball cap on thats too small, then she was the one who kicked us out last.

Nice hop.LOL you cleared it by quite a bit.

yeah it wasn’t to big. i just liked the way it looked. haha

What was that ladies reason for kicking you guys out??

No BIKES allowed in the skatepark. I argued with her but she didn’t care. She told us to read rule 2 on the sign outside the skatepark. it said that anything accept skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited. dumb…

this side hop looks really high…:wink: congratulations

how high was it?


It makes you want to go ride some trials, doesn’t it, Raphael ?

You know you love trials :wink:

Riley, that was so crazy. Kind of sketchy, but really huge.