Riley Crosby- Another re-edit

I was very bored. so this is what happens when i am bored.

all old clips. at least 4 months old.

and i had a few glitches come out. anyone know how to fix these?

p.s. i edited this in about an hour.

something is wrong with the url.

i know im workin on that right now.

why dont i have a “high Quality option”
does it take a while for that to work or something?

I’m pretty sure HQ takes a few minutes.

ok. does the linky work now?

I think I liked the redit more.^^

Sweet i think that was alot better than the other one.Are you coming to NAUCC Riley ?

The beginning intro thing of yours is getting old :wink:

Good riding though,


i changed it up a little haha. Its my trademark! lol
new footage is coming . so i expect to make a new, shorter video.

where is NAUCC?

And are you talking about my “flow” video or the “unicycle 2008”? cause this was a re-edit of 2008.

Either of them lol.I prefer the music alot more in this one cause it fits better.I think you ordered the way the clips are in a bit better aswell.NAUCC is at Kennedy High School in Bloomington, MN.Im going with Joe Campbell cause im comin to america and staying with him.

oh okay thanks.
well that is so lucky of you!!! how long are you going to be in america and when? Im afraid MN is a little to far… ($$)

Not totally sure yet but ill probably come over at the start of july.Yeah i come from England so im going there to see friends.I thought id stop by on the way and stay in America for a few weeks :smiley:

Well it would be cool to meet you, but i dont think going to MN is an option this summer. maybe moab… if i get luckey

Props for choosing a Buckethead song !!!
Nice riding too

wow your are so good in trial :astonished:

I felt your pain at 3:11. Whenever that happens to me I get so mad. It’s soooo annoying
How high was the jump at :35??
Good video. I actually like “Flow” better
but still really nice