Riley Crosby 2011

hope you guys like it. i concentrated on a more artistic point of view. didnt have time to do any impressive riding. had to make this very quickly. dont judge, see you in 2 years :slight_smile:

awesome ride. i liked the slowmo parts

Really well done! The filming and editing were great! The video had a nice calm feel to it. Good riding too!

YES! my goodness dude I loved it :open_mouth: The twixtor looked sooooo nice, and you haven’t lost your riding at all dude :open_mouth: Thanks for being such an awesome example to me, man (: I’m glad to see you going on your mission. Stay focused and work hard! You’re a good dude, bro :smiley: I’ll miss ya!

CTR!! haha :smiley:

+1 thanks for the example. Your rock. Good luck! Maybe i’ll see you in the field :wink:

NICE BRO! That’s how to make a good video! I loved that! Do you need a special editing software to use Twixtor?

Good luck on your mission trip! I was happy to see that too!

What skatepark is that?