Riding with the seat outfront (and hopping)

Hi, there is probably a thread of this but I cant find it. Anyway Ok I am getting better at unicycling but my hops i just hold the seat stand on the pedals and bounce max is prob 20cm, I want to start doing bigger jumps but in all the tutorials it involves hoping twice with the seat out in front just a little (out between the crutch). Its normally one hop then a real high one but I cant seem to hop that far side ways or ride with the seat out feels really weird. I know i need to practice just wondering if there is a tutorial to help me get it. I am trying jumping onto a single palet get about half way, I can only seem to hop when i am riding i can hop on a small area but not hop stopped (distance only on the spot). Thanks, I am still using a Ebay 20" uni so that may be handicaping me, as the seat is a little loose and stuff but anyway. Thanks for all your help in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t bother with SIF hopping until you can hop atleast 50cm SI.

And as for riding, have the seat touching your body when you’re learning, then whe you get better don’t have it touching your body. Keep equal weight on each foot so the seat won’t wobble from side to side.

yeah, no point sif hopping unless you have a decent si hop

Ah. Thanks guys thats exactly what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: cause I cant get SIF :frowning: As for hopping with Seat in, is it just standing on the pedal jumping and then pulling the seat up? I can get maybe 30cms if i ride the stop on a flat surface then do a real big hop but I cant seem to aim it on to things like side ways or forward. I can ride forward and get a little jump. Any idea’s?

Hopefully KH20 tommorrow!!!


Yeah just work on your si hopps for now. I had a similar situation with SIF. For a while it seemed so hard to hop sideways. What helped me was learning to ride seat out better. I dont know how well you do that, but if you cant do it you should work on that as well.

learn to seat drag or seat push and I guarantee SIF will be a whole lot easier.

I am not sure what you mean :thinking: I can jump onto One pallet today :slight_smile: With seat in can get onto it and ride very happy :slight_smile: Except maybe every 8 tries ill get it. HEHE.

its where you ride allong and drop the seat onto the floor in front or behind you, so it drags allong as you ride. but what ever you do do not try if you have a quick release seat clamp, kieron had a hellishly painfull bail trying a seat drag on my learners.

it teaches you weight distribution really well from pedal to pedal. which is incredibly helpful for SIF riding.

Ok thanks i got a quick release ill wait for my KH20 for it :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks guys!