Riding with the seat out front

Here is the rough draft of the skill file for riding with the seat out front. As
usual I welcome any suggestions for improvement. Also, I will be appreciative if
anyone wants to write a file for riding with the seat out back; I need to learn
that next.


Ride with the seat out front for 10m.

  1.     Pull the seat out to the front of you. Rest your weight on it with
              both of your hands. Keep the seat close to your body.
  2.  Ride a bit, and then stand up high on the pedals and put the seat back
     underneath you.
  3.  As you practice more, move the seat farther away from your body
     while you ride.

Notes and hints:

Lower your seat so you can put it in and out more easily.

If you don’t ride with the balls of your feet on the pedals, now is a good
time to start.

Don’t wear baggy pants; they will catch the seat when you put it back.

Ride with your back straight and look forward.

Try to keep the pedals moving so you don’t have to try to recover from a stop.

As you improve you will be able to rely less on the seat, and hold on to it with
one hand. Try reducing the amount of fingers you hold on with until you are down
to your thumb and one finger.

This is an excellent calf exercise. Once you get the hang of this you may find
that you have to get off because of exhaustion, just like the beginner days.

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