Riding with the seat on the side

Since Mark Sands wrote a good description of riding with the seat on the side, I
have used it for the level 5 article. I made the format look like the other
articles, but otherwise the words are the same. I include it below, and will
accept any comments or suggestions.


Ride with the seat on the side in a circle

  1. Start by riding holding the seat out the back.
  2. Then you have to bend at the knees as you bring the seat around to the side.
    You’ll soon learn that it’s not just a straight bend (if you know what I
    mean) that is required but a rather awkward skewed bend, to avoid the tyre.
  3. It is much easier to go around in circles (towards the side the seat is on)
    than to go in a straight line.

Mark Sands M.R.Sands@iasos.utas.edu.au

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