Riding With the New GoPro

Like others here, I got a GoPro camera recently. This was my first time riding with it. Crank up the volume–the music is a lot better than the riding.


My unicycling is rusty (even for me) since I’ve mostly been running the last several months for a couple marathons. But I’m done running for a while, so my unis are getting more use again.

looks like you had some good speed, nice and controlled- did you break a sweat??

wish my gopro 3 shot that good of video.


I wonder why your Hero 3 would be different than mine, Doug…is the lens dirty or scratched?

I wasn’t going too fast though I did work up a bit of a sweat (it was warm yesterday when I shot it). The fact that I sped up the video in places may have made me look faster than I was.

Loved it! I like the fact that you showed us more then just the ride. Keep the videos coming.


Neat video :slight_smile:

  • 1 with what Gear writes :slight_smile: