Riding With the Bulls

UNICON XVIII is in San Sebastian from 27 July 2016.

San Sebastian is about 50 km from Pamplona where Running of the bulls will be held 6-14 July 2016.

Anyone for Riding with the Bulls?:wink:

Can you please provide some more background information?
At IUF, Unicon 18 is scheduled from Aug 1 to 12, 2016 (see http://unicycling.org/event/index.php/127). The provided Facebook link is invalid.

go to the IUF union page and you can download all the information including the proposal.

> Anyone for Riding with the Bulls?

I was not aware bulls rode? Do they ride trials, street, or flatland?

Nope, MUNI!

I think Kukuxumusu should design a T-shirt for Unicon.

I’d like a latxa sheep on a unicycle.

Looks like they’ve already made some items with a unicycle theme.


The bulls are definitely riding street, but I doubt the organizers would let any human with uni into this crazy crowd.

Hey … Donostia is so near my tribe’s mountains :slight_smile: this time I must be there!
Don’t ride with the bulls (it is extremely dangerous … to say the least) but if you like danger how about going to the beach … many ladies there are beautiful, but rich and thus extremely dangerous :smiley:

i am not interested in animal torture

unicycling requires fairness and respect for the nature.

Oops … so I am not supposed to let you taste some “foie gras” …
then how about that: http://honest-food.net/2010/11/02/wild-foie-gras-is-real/
(I have a friend that produces “natural” foie gras - without force-feeding - for sure it’s more expensive … but …)

San Sebastian is a nice city, I lived there for a year while studying, it was a good time :slight_smile:

There’s a neat trail back in the mountains that goes through a bunch of old train tunnels, I can’t remember the name, it was more of a 36er ride.

Surely Moo-ni?