Riding with seat out (SIF)

Hi All,

Today, I finally succeeded in riding fluently with the seat out in front of me - during normal riding (taking the seat out during the normal ride).
What worries me is the fact, that no matter how hard I tried - I couldn’t do more than one complete cycle in the skate circle that I was at.
The problem was that although I stayed balanced quite easily, I got totally exhausted after each such cycle.
Does practice can dramatically change that, or that’s how it should be?

I’d appreciate your advice on this issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s tiring. I have been doing it for 3 months or so. Granted I don’t usually go around SIF for the hell of it at this point, just for certain hops. But hopping with SIF is tiring when there are a lot of hops in sequence. I think it’s a generally tiring thing, but with practice it becomes a bit less tiring.

How far are you guys able to ride seat out? Its a skill I am still working on but want to when good at it should I be able to ride seat out comfortably for like 50 meteres.

Does it end up feeling as comfortable as riding seat in (balance-wise)

Don’t know, I never tried for distance. I don’t do it for fun, just for certain jumps.

Though I am thinking of getting an ultimate wheel.

get one they are super hard but fun!

Only one way to find out :slight_smile:

Check out the guys riding ultimate wheels, they are able to ride pretty good distances once they get it down, so I would imagine it gets easier, but I would doubt it gets as easy riding seat in, but who knows… if you put in enough time it just might get that easy.

I would say it gets easier but both are still more strenuous than riding regular and ultimate wheel riding is harder than SIF riding. With the ultimate wheel your core is engaged the whole time whereas you can take a break with SIF by bearing more of the weight with your hand. I wouldn’t compare what superhumans like George Peck are capable of with what us mere mortals can do.

Riding distance SIF or UW is always hard. But with better riding skills it is possible to ride longer distances. My first trys to ride longer distances with the Ultimate ends after ~100m. Now, my record was 1,8km without dismount.