Riding with seat out in front

I’m trying to learn to ride with the seat in front. Do any of you have any tips that can help me?

The most difficult thing about it when you’re first starting out is that the seat seems to want to move left and right. Try going next to a wall and doing a seat in front stillstand, and see if it moves back and forth.
Also, keep it close to your body.

Here’s a site that’ll help: http://www.members.tripod.com/~MarshT/

Have you tried riding with seat on stomach? It help’s a lot when trying to learn seat in front. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t ride seat on stomach OR seat out front until a kid in our club suggested its ok to firmly press the seat against your belly.

It was good advice. Holding the front of the seat, press it hard into your abdomen 5 inches or so below your bellybutton.

It is a transition posture that allows you to train your feet. Within 3-4 minutes I was riding seat on Stomach. And these days I’ve been able (timidly) to learn to hold the seat out away from my body some during Seat out Front practice.

Its all about training your feet. If you’re under 20, this will only take minutes. If you’re over 40, it could take months.:wink:

Seat-in-front was the first real trick I learned. Seat-in-stomach does help a great deal. What I did was mount next to a wall, take the seat out and put it in my stomach, and try to ride from a standing start. I got it pretty quickly. Then I tried holding the seat while staying upright, from a standing start. Once I got that, I went on to pulling it out while riding.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s FAR easier to hold your seat by the side. Don’t pull it out by the front or the handle … and then hold it like that. Move your hand to the side of the seat or else the back of the seat will twist and the wheel will follow suit, resulting in failure.

Good luck!