Riding with Seat in Front


After watching a tutorial video of Kris Holm Pecking it is clearly seen that he holds the side of the seat while it is in from of him in order to crouch down and get good height.
I am now jumping ok in place and rolling. I am able to clear a 2" diamater stick. I would like to be able to ride or idle with the SIF in order to be able to get the low crouch. I have been trying to practice riding with the SIF but I have been getting buised more in the last two days than I have in the last year! Any good tips for developing this skill?

I appreciate the help.


Keep a good amount of tension between you and the pedals. When you get better you will be able to hold the seat with one finger or none. If you dont keep that tension you will be sawying back and forth like crazy.

Stop, whip it out and bounce.


Yeah, SIF is one thing where the only way to improve really is practice. There isn’t much technique involved, after you learn to get it out in front.

SIF requires little technique till you start doing big jumps. big drops are easier too

I meant just riding SIF.

I kind of turn the seat around as I pedal. But I’m still learning. 3-4 revs. I can jump mount to seat in front. I can’t pedal after landing.

If the bruises are on your thighs, then you need to work on holding the seat further out in front of yourself. You might be hunching yourself over the seat and pushing it into your legs. Try and stand tall when you pedal… this will keep the seat from moving back towards you as much. It takes practice to get the seat further out front, but you don’t need to hold it out very far… just a couple inches.

Think about being “light” and “floating” above the wheel… if you just stomp on either pedal as you roll, you’ll be doing more work to stay upright. Try and keep your hips in place and pedal with your lower legs as much as possible and the riding will be easier… and then it’ll be easier to hold the seat out.