Riding with objects?

I recently started playing the ukulele and I think it would be the perfect instrument to ride with - it’s light, small, and not difficult to replace if I accidentally smash it. Does anyone have any tips on riding with objects or riding while playing? I’ve never tried something like this before. Thanks!

It’s not hard to do something like play the uke while riding, as long as you don’t need your arms for balance. If you haven’t practiced riding without using your arms, you can practice it by just riding with your arms crossed in front of or behind you. (Or playing basketball). Once you’re solid without your arms, you can do anything you like with them.

Before trying to do these two things together I highly recommend getting lots of ukelele lessons first. Otherwise you’ll sound terrible. What an embarrassment that would be.

I sometimes ride while lifting weights. Have brought a harmonica with me but even I don’t want to hear it. I would like to bring a guitar for a ride but I don’t have one that I am willing to put at risk.

Have you considered a Banjo? I understand that UDC could be a single-cource supplier for your needs.


Playing a banjo on a unicycle is a great workout because you get to dodge boots and bottles while you ride.

a good way to practice is to ride with a bottle of water. pass it between your hands… open it, drink from it, close it… then move to riding with books (preferably ukulele related) and then you’re good to go.

A uke could be a perfect instrument for Uni, or for a guitarist, something like a martin backpacker. Once you are good at dismounting and carrying objects while riding it should be a breeze.

I just got an idea- combine ukeles with muni! Get a few riders together and shred some trails with your own accompanyment :D. That’ll definitely turn some heads…

Texting while riding, and riding with both hands in your pockets are excellent ways to become comfortable enough on the Uni for carrying/playing just about anything while mounted.
also try
-mounted archery
-grocery runs (btw, pretty sure I can carry more than a Smart Car lol)
-carrying cumbersome objects (multiple unis, ladders, safari rack, strollers, etc.)
-obviously basketball and hockey
-disc golf
-fill in the blank

carry a smart car look at picture :slight_smile:
walking a dog or 2
talk on cell and ride.

The grocery run is quite fantastic as you can change the load around. I’ve managed 30 lbs spread out, some on my back, bags in each hand. If you’re really keen on upping the difficulty, carry groceries in one hand and then pass it to the other. That can be come harder if the bag changes from solids to liquids as there’s usually an additional swing. For added stress, add eggs. That’s more of a mental challenge. A UPD where you crush brocolli isn’t as messy as a dozen eggs.:smiley:


I am a fencer as well as a unicyclist… I always thought it would make a great combination :slight_smile:

I rolled the lawn mower out of the garage and got it started on the uni… I think next week I’ma try to do the entire lawn on the uni too. As if my neighbors didn’t think I was crazy enough!

Literally laughed out loud at this.
I may be getting a banjo for my birthday next week. Hopefully 2 weeks form now I can give you pics/video of me riding/playing =)

That would be madness.

I had done a bit of fencing on roller skates once upon a time. A unicycle would be great fun.

Ha, I fence too.