Riding with no seat

I see people doing this all of the time, they hold the seat out in front of them while they pedal. Now, when I try this, I usually end up bruising my leg, because whenever I put weight on the pedal, the seat jets in the same direction. What am i doing wrong?
I know its pretty basic, but I suck. Meh.

Be firmer with your grip on the seat.

Also, you just need to practice. No one was perfect at it first time they tried. With practice, your pedaling will get smoother.

But yeah, a firm grip can’t hurt. Oh, and it also helps to start out my holding the seat out, but pressing it against your leg to keep it steady.

i have this same problem… not just riding… but when i hop up and down stuff. i can ride and hop SIF but not do drops or “ups” i smash my knee. any ideas to get more leg room… or just leg armor and practice?