Riding with Nathan, Beau and the boys!

I just got back from the Portland Juggling Festival this weekend and along
with some really fun indoor workshops on uni skills the highlight of the
weekend, for me, was the MUni workshop with Nathan Hoover. It was not
really a long ride nor that difficult for the real MUni folks but for me it
was just a ton of fun and inspiration. Nathan shared loads of advice, tips
and experiences with us. Beau amazed me with his display of skill that
totally belied his age. It was great to see Rob and Cliff do there MUni
stuff too.

For a beginner like me, only riding for three months and equipped with my
street ready Sem XL, the workshop was a dream come true. Watching MUni live
was a first for me. Hearing about and seeing the MUni’s (though all were
too tall for me to really try out in spite of the fact that many were
offered) just made me want to charge back home and draw up my order for a
MUni. But then again, that thought was a little tempered with the recall of
my plunge off the single track and into the brambles in the ravine through
which we were riding… ha, ha, ha… no harm done but it did remind me
that I had a ways to go before I would be able to say I MUni.

Nevertheless, every minute of the MUni workshop was totally worthwhile and I
thank Nathan, Beau and the boys for inspiring a ‘wanna be’ MUni girl.


well thats just great.where was i suppose to hear about this event?i only live 48 miles from Portland,i would have liked to see some sort of promotion or maybe 1 post on here that this event was even happening.

I missed it, too.

Check back next year.

Re: Riding with Nathan, Beau and the boys!

Oops, I’m very sorry about that. The last couple of years, I posted on this
newsgroup before going up but I forgot to this time. I will do better next
year - plan for it the same weekend. See www.portlandjugglers.com for more
info. It doesn’t matter if you juggle or not - the festival has something
for everyone and lots for unicyclists.

I’ll say that I enjoyed the two Muni rides a lot (and meeting Erin and many
others), but the juggling by Viktor Kee of Cirque du Soleil’s current show,
Dralion, was the most stupendous performance of any type I’ve ever seen in
my life. See him if at all possible! www.cirquedusoleil.com I cannot begin
to describe his talent.


“jagur” <jagur.buwrc@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> well thats just great.where was i suppose to hear about this event?i
> only live 48 miles from Portland,i would have liked to see some sort of
> promotion or maybe 1 post on here that this event was even happening.

Re: Re: Riding with Nathan, Beau and the boys!

I’m jealous as hell on this one. I taped Dralion off of Bravo and watch it obsessively at times. Kee’s performance is incredible. The following was posted on rec.juggling by Steven Ragatz about Viktor’s appearance in Portland:

There is also an interview with Kee in the March/April 2000 issue of Juggle (the IJA magazine). http://www.juggle.org/magazine/2000/2000.0304.toc.100.jpg (No full text but a photo of Kee).

I would have liked to have attended the MUni workshops, too!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Re: Riding with Nathan, Beau and the boys!

I’ve been to the Portland Juggling Festival once before even though I’m not much of a juggler. I wish I could have made it this year, but work got in the way. It’s a fun time and a once a year kick in the pants to get me to try to learn to juggle better. Portland Oregon area riders should plan on attending next year. They have some unicycling workshops along with the juggling. And as a bonus there are several McMenamins pubs in the Portland area.

Re: Riding with Nathan, Beau and the boys!


You rode off-road. You MUni-ed. Go ahead and say, “I MUni.” Surely one of those guys would have had a unicycle with a seatpost that would go down low enough for you. They probably didn’t want to mention that.

Here is a write-up of the One Wheel Wonders performance at the Portland Vaudeville Extravaganza. This was sent to me in email by the leader of the OWW I have posted it here with her permission after editing out the full names to prevent SPAM. OWW is a group of about 21 kids ages 6 –16 in Corvallis, a small town of about 50,000 located between Salem and Eugene Oregon.
------------------ cut from email -------------------
So, for those of you who missed the Extravaganza performance in Portland, I have typed up the story of our weekend. I’ll edit it to a short version. It was an amazing adventure:
The One Wheel Wonders performance at the Vaudeville Extravaganza Saturday, Sept. 28, 2002

The One Wheel Wonders performed, as scheduled, at the Portland Vaudeville Extravaganza on Saturday night. Benson High School Auditorium was sold out to a crowd of nearly 2000. The public was drawn to the show for the big name performers such as P. McGuire, S. Ragatz and V. Kee, who have all performed for Cirque du Soleil and have AMAZING acts to watch. There were other jugglers and actors that had incredible talents as well (N.
Flair, R. Thomas…). Our team of 21 unicyclists had the first slot after intermission. The routine was very well received. Other than the final act (V. Kee), ours was the only one to receive a STANDING OVATION! Our kids did a terrific job - the routine went smoothly with no falls, and the crowd loved us!!! We were riding high the rest of the weekend.

The routine is 7 minutes long, written and directed by Andrew B. and Angela S. It is a story about a lonely child, who is first intrigued and then included into a team of unicyclists performing various tricks, skill levels, and formations. After the show, and the next day at the juggling convention, people gave us lots of positive feedback. The director of the show was thrilled, as we surpassed his expectations. The audience liked the story line, the choreography with smooth transitions, the skill level and talent of the riders, the cute littlest riders, the music, and the way it all came together and built to an impressive ending bow! It is definitely our finest effort. It launches us into a higher caliber of performing and we look forward to the challenge of coming up with a routine that can be performed in a big open space.

We’d love to tell you more - just ask any of the One Wheel Wonders. We hope to have a video copy soon.