Riding with "Marge", she's so large :)

So I’ve been riding a 26" muni for a few years now, got me a Duro Leopard, worked okay, no real complaints. So I was watching Terry (muni addict) in one of his videos and I noticed that he was riding a 3" tire on a Large Marge rim, so I asked him about it. He told me that he really likes the ride, seems to spread out the tire better and make it more stable, esp for drops.

So I though about this for a while, then a couple months back I made a rim swap with another poster (Jacob), laced her up, and remounted the Leopard. I’d been riding my 29er a bunch, so I didn’t have enough time with “Marge” to really gain any appreciation for how nice she rides. So now, after getting back on the 26" more I have really seen a significant difference in the stability, fewer UPDs, more endurance (working less), and better stability through technical stuff.

So, if you’re game, the LM rim comes in 24 and 26, DGH version is heavier, freeride version is lighter due to machining, but still plenty strong. All you do to swap rims is line up the holes, correct sides in/out, then zip tie them together, release the spoke tension on the old rim, then start swapping spokes. I like to put a dab of chain lube on the spoke heads to make them move better when truing.

“Marge” will make you a superhero :slight_smile:

I’ve been riding a 26" Marge DGH on a Duro since last November and I can really tell a difference in stability. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up a 26" Conundrum frame while they were still available. I’d really like to pair her with a Larry because I think an extra large volume tire would suit me well. I am hopefull that the new prototype frame that UDC is testing will go into production.

So add another vote to “Marge can make you a super hero!”

I’ll have to try one out someday! I’ve already got two KH 24" drilled rims, one laced to my Schlumpf Hub and one laced to standard KH ISIS hub (backup). I also have a 26" Alex 32 rim laced to a KH ISIS hub on my Franken-UNI, “Orange Crush”. So i’ve got a pretty good set up for now. I’m already paying a pretty large weight penalty with the Schumpf hub on my KH24 so I don’t want to add to it with a heavier rim. I can see using the 26" freeride version eventually when/if I go to a KH26 as I’ll probably try a narrower tire when I make the jump. Right now I’m pretty happy with my KH24 for all my trail riding (it’s been through and done quite a lot) and I’m good on new 3" wide tires for at least 6-7 more years!

I picked one up as part of a complete, but before that purchase I looked around and I did find a couple folks on this forum who had Conundrum frames that they were willing to sell.

But like you found, you don’t have to have a Conundrum to run an LM rim, but you would need offset brake mounts if you were running Maguras. A Nimbus or KH frame would handle the LM easilly, in fact I think Terry runs his on a KH 24 frame.

There is some weight penalty, esp if you run a Surly frame, but honestly, even though this set up weighs a couple pounds more than my Ti frame and 47mm rim, the ride is so much better that I don’t even notice the added weight.

I do like my Surly frame cuz she’s so pretty, I’m even thinking of getting a custom paint job with chrome lugs like they did for the road frames back in th day :slight_smile: The Surly frame is more flexy than a comparable KH…but not so much that it’s a deal killer. Also get a bit more ankle smack from those flat and wide legs.

BTW, LM spoke length is the same as for the Nimbus 42mm and KH 47mm rims :slight_smile:

Don’t forget Triton!

I personally have found the Large Marge/ Larry combo to be amazing to say the least. I think it’s faster than my KH29 due to its stability and shock absorption. It’s a tractor. The downside is that it can pull on off camber stuff. I found that if I can keep the horsepower up (I’m running 150s on both the 26 and KH29) that the 26 is a bit heavier, but MUCH more stable. Hold on and pedal!

I tried a Triton and LOVED the ride, but it was too wide at the crown for my physical makeup. I really have a narrow pedaling stance and the frame was a bit too wide for me. It’s about 1/2in wider at the crown than the Conundrum. The Ti ride is incomparable though.

The Triton is still awaiting return- I just emailed Jogi about it.

Josh’s prototype looks cool too.

For me, the 26" Large Marge/ Larry is my favorite muni. I just wish there was a 24in 3.8 tire available too as sometimes the 24 (Large Marge too) is the ticket.

Oh, I haven’t… but neither would my wife if I bought one. Just a little too pricey for me at the moment. Maybe one day.

I have the offset brake mounts taken care of Ben. I laid these out in AutoCAD and a local machine shop whipped these up. I am thinking about putting back on my Nimbus frame though. It’s probably all in my head, but I seem to like the ride better.