Riding with lights (at night)

That is a very good deal. I wish I had seen it before I paid $50 on Amazon for pretty much the same thing.

Got the light installed on the seatpost. Ppl had mentioned the advantage of having a light mounted low so as to see the irregularities in the path ahead.

Here’s a pic. Now I may need to find the diffuser stick-on that John Childs mentioned to spread the light out a little.

coker w head light lowest res.jpg

I have done a few night rides recently.

On the 36, I have hung a cheap 5 led front light upside down under the T bar handle. This has allowed me to do 5 - 10 mile rides along country lane and easy unmade roads without UPDs (or planned dismounts) and on moonlit nights I have enjoyed turning off the front light and riding by the light (by the light) of the silvery moon for long distances.

On the 29, I have ridden quiet back roads and sections of bike path/foot path just with cheap LED “be seen” lights.

I have a super powerful LED head torch strong enough to make toast but I have come to prefer the tranquility of riding steadily relying on feel and night vision, rather than turning night into day with a headtorch brighter than a thousand suns.

I tried that, but the shadows thrown by my legs were really annoying. For me, a light anywhere below about mid-chest works well enough to see bumps in the trail. I attached my light at the end of the touring handle, using a Minoura bar extender (“Spacegrip-3” 22-29mm quick release). It’s a nice little accessory mount - you can also turn it 90 degrees and connect it to the seatpost or long part of the T handle.

For a diffuser, I tightened the lens ring over a disposable white plastic grocery bag - the optical properties are remarkably good! It worked just as well as a more expensive diffuser filter that I tried.



My latest two set ups:

The KH29 now has a KH T bar, and I have hung two 5-led bicycle headlights underneath it - one to spotlight the ground immediately ahead, and one to shine further ahead and to make me look like a bicycle to other road users. The rear light is a standard bicycle rear light attached to the seat tube.

The 36 has a Nimbus Shadow handle and under that I have slung my Hope hi-powered “you can use it to make toast” headlight, with the battery pack bungeed to the frame. Again, the rear light is a standard bike unit mounted in the obvious place.

All very well if you have a handlebar. Personally I made an attachment to mount a light to the bolts on the seat handle Post Your Current Projects Here - which positions it to have the least leg shadow effect (there’s still some, but a lot less than with a light mounted on the seatpost and it’s not that irritating). Though that was last winter when I’d only been riding a few months and hadn’t yet learned to use the handle when riding - I think it will get in the way of using the handle (or at the least my hand will block the light), so I’m going to have to build something with a bit of downwards extension to get it out of the way.

It is fun to ride with lights on. But we need to be more careful in night

Night riding season is on, two rides so far, this tends to be my midweek ride theme due to not getting to the trails until dusk. So far both of my rides were 36er single track mini, been doing some crank length testing…

Riding is tough right now due to the leaves making everything look the same, roots, rocks, surface undulations, ugh!

The cold and dark makes starting off a miserable experience, esp after working all day at a desk, I almost always feel like just heading home, but after a few minutes I get warmed up and it’s all good :smiley:

I really like riding the 36er on trails at night because it gives me a little more sight distance, the big tire accommodates unseen obstacles better than a small wheel, and being up high gives me more time to dismount clean when I UPD.

Geoman light system is da bomb! 900 lumens, two li battery packs, mounts, all for ~$100, sweet.

Don’t wait, get some good lights and hit the trails! Skip those silly camping headlamps, they are nothing in comparison to a proper riding light system.

My next step is to get a second light to improve depth perception:p