Riding with a PCL knee injury

Last month I took an unfortunate fall and tore the PCL, posterior cruciate ligament, in my knee. The doctor says that when I regain confidence in my knee, through physical therapy, I should be able to ride the unicycle again. This might be a month to three.

Has anyone else, in the community, experienced a PCL injury, and returned to unicycling?


i havn’t but, i tore a couple of ligaments in my foot and after about a month and a half i was able to ride again no problems. Good luck with recovery, get riding again soon.

For those of you who may be interested, a PCL injury can occur when the shin bone is driven backwards. Typically the knee will be bent or hyper extended when the shin receives this blow. A typical cause is a car accident where your shins hit the dash board.

In my case I fell off the unicycle, while hopping, and landed, full weight on my shin with my knee bent.

I am pretty sure that if I had had some knee padding on this would not have been as serve.

well, fancy that! I tore my PCL the day after getting my Nimbus trials. It healed after two months, but it was very annoying during those two months, being on crutches etc. after those two months I was fine, and I could uni again.

Now, strangely, I suspect I have done it again. I fell off my uni and hit my knee. it only hurt for a minute or so, then I continued riding. but now, a couple of days later, I cannot walk. luckily it’s not the same leg, but I’m still very annoyed. :angry:

edit: we can be PCL buddies!

Were you wearing any shin guards when these events happened?
My Orthopedic doctor said that I probably would not need to have surgery to mantain my normal activities. I am hoping that turns out to be the case.

When I fell the impact hurt like hell, but after that I was able to ride. Figuring I should knock off for the evening I went inside after proving to myself that I still had “it”. 20 minutes later, when I was going down some stairs I turned on the bad leg, heard a pop, and was sent to the floor in pain.

After three weeks of stretching, icing, hundreds of Ibprofan, and tens pain pills, I am walking normally and starting to test running.
I haven’t tried the unicycle yet, I don’t want to try landing until I feel more confident on this less than perfect knee.

I am getting impatient and fat.

Let me know how your knee heals. I am defenately courious.

the first time I wasn’t, second time I was but it’s not nearly as bad. I can walk, but with a bit of a limp.

Got any suggestions for knee/shin guards or pads? I really don’t want to do this again.

I am learning free style tricks. I was practicing for the level 3 exam, hopping I think. That is all that I want to learn at this point. Maybe get to a level 5 someday.

As far as knee and shin guards are concerned, most people on this forum seem to prefer Kris Holm Leg Armor or 661 4x4s.

I have noticed that. I have also noticed that most of those riders are Muni or Street riders, which seems more dangerous to me. With that in mind is there shin/knee protection that is better suited for gym floor/garage floor, free style training?

I have the KH ones, and although they stop grazing, spiking and slicing, they do little to soften impact.

Thanks, I’ll cross those of my x-mas list.

I was looking at some of the Fox-bmx gear; some of it looked more appropreatly scaled to indoor riding.