Riding whilst holding onto seat

I’ve been trying to practice holding onto the seat while I ride for off road stuff but am finding it difficult to balance without using both arms.

Will this come with practice and I become less balancly challanged? Or is there some kind of knack to it?



try to start by putting one hand down by your side and then move it up to the handle soon you will be able to cross your arms while you ride



patience + persistence + practice = PERSEVERANCE! :sunglasses:
You’ll get it!!:slight_smile:

-calculator breaks-

basically practise just recetally i had 2 learn how 2 turn sharply while holding a sign the more you do it the easier it will get trust me

I used to rely on my arms, but now i can just hold my hands in my pocket in the fornt of my sweater i wear and keep my balance fine, and i never ment to be able to not have to move my arms to keep balance, it just happened.

So just keep riding, itll come to you and youll get use to it without even noticing =p

Practicing riding with both hands holding onto the back of the seat, or just behind you, will help you get used to using your body and leg movements for balance. Riding sif also is harder because the extra side to side movement of pedaling is reduced by the seat when it’s in, so it will naturally be harder and once again, as others have said on here, practice and perseverance are the biggies.:smiley:

I went through a short bout of the same thing when riding offroad, it just sort of came naturally to me after a while. I also quickly learned that when I gave up a bit of extra balance from two arms to hold onto the seat when I Muni’d, I could increase my amount of balance two-fold and also, for some reason, pedal much faster.

It because, while holding onto the seat, you pull your body onto the seat, thereby allowing faster pedaling, because the pedaling motion won’t rocket you off the seat


Double :astonished: What is that word supposed to be?! :thinking:

i just suddenly found the other day that i can ride with my hands in my jacket pockets or crossed in front of my chest. new skill for me!

Well, it must be rectally, because when dorfman makes spelling mistakes (which is rare, of course), they’re very small, and not bad at all
One question though
Did it hurt?

I’ve been able to do that for the past few weks… :roll_eyes:
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Try doing very basic MUni stuff, that’ll force you to grab onto the handle to keep yourself steady…or kill you.

I think what got me to hold the saddle was when I started trying to ride up some hills. I used to ride some easy fire roads with a few climbs and it just became a habit (it’s hard to ride up a hill without holding the saddle, so it just happens).

I hold the saddle with my left hand even though I’m right handed - apparently that’s a bit weird. It seems more natural to me to use my right hand to balance and left hand to hold on.


When i first started holding onto my saddle to help with muni, i just started waving my free arm around twice as much! Now, after a couple of months practice im getting better and my free arm is at my side a lot more. Its just purely practise, you wont even realise your doing it.
Ride on!

next step: both arms on the handle for road riding (still trying :frowning: )
BTW I find that holding the handle gives me an asymetrical posture that is bad for my back… what do you think? (do you change the gripping hand every now and then?)