riding up ramps

i searched for this maybe i did a horrible job
but i keep trying to go up a ramp at the skate park and its impossible

is there a trick or am i dumb?

Depends what ramps you are trying to go up.

Unicycles can get up some steep stuff, getting speed before hand helps, and standing up, pulling up on the handle and really putting power into your pedals help a lot.

Some stuff though is just too steep for us though, and seeing how we can not coast (well, we can, but not as effectively as bikes and skaters) it will be hard for us to be able to fully use ramps at skate parks.

do you mean a ramp or a pipe?
a ramp shouldn’t be too hard if you stand as you pedal
i’ve tried a quarter pipe using these principals, failed miserably

no just a tiny small funbox ramp

thank you all

i have done the kind of ramp you mean i think is this it? You Tube

If you’re gonna go off a little launch ramp like that…you gotta get some air!


ok, this is how it goes. a little “bump” does more good for a unicycle gaining height than a launch ramp. i can get a solid 14-18" off a ramp, but what good is that when i can also get a solid 32" rolling hopping?
skateparks are fun to mess around in, but as for long term riding being a sport, the answer is no, wheel slippage is a HUGE factor.
i think thats all i had to say. whatever.