riding up curbs

I’m trying to figure out how to ride up curbs and I can’t seem to get it. I don’t want to ride up alongside then hop sideways up the curb, I’d like to hit it straight on. Is it basically a rolling hop up the curb? Or can you actually ride up the curb? I’m riding a 29er. I can ride up a 2" or so small curb but anything bigger than that and my uni just stops and I keep going :frowning:

Any tips would be cool. I’ll just keep trying in the meantime.


i think u just gotta do a rolling jump.

Riding up Curbs

There is a pretty long discussion about this subject. Use the search function.
It is not hard to ride up curbs. I ride up them very easily by just hitting them strait on. You have to try to time it so that the pedals are not in the dead position. Also bring your hips back and pull up on the handle. I have not tried with a 20" but with a 24" it is pretty easy.


I’m all for the seach function but it works best for those who know what they’re looking for. Are you refering to your thread?

Yeah, I’ve seen several threads on this crop up over the past couple of years. A rolling hop works well but being able to actually hit it and ride up is a very useful skill as well. When I started to learn this I would hold my unicycle against the curb with the pedal in a good ‘power position.’ Somewhere where I knew I’d be able to mash it down pretty good as I hit the curb. Then I’d walk the uni back a few meters, mount and ride up to the curb. Slow down a bit as you get close and lean back just a little, then power up and over. I can do 4" curbs easily with my 24" uni and occasionally I can nail a 6" curb. After you build confidence and skill the pedal position won’t be as critical unless it’s just absolutely at a ‘dead’ position. I also like to keep my tire soft enough to give just a bit but not so soft that I can feel the rim hit the curb. You’ll probably UPD a lot at first. Just keep at it.

Cool, thanks for the reply’s. I was just out practicing, I can ride up a 3" curb most of the time when my cranks line up well, actually very easily. When they line up really good it’s almost like your not even riding up anything. When they don’t line up I have much troubles. Oh well, I’ll get it eventually. Gives me something good to practice out in front of my house.