Riding Uni in Shanghai / Beijing

Hey … am heading soon to Shanghai and Beijing. And planning to take uni for Some random moments. Thinking to take the 29” instead of 36” … of note have ridden in many parts of world including Havanah and Vietnam so no stranger to unusual destinations … but China may be a little different. . One of the targets is riding in proximity and view of the Great Wall ( not on it ) … and same along or nearby Bund in Shanghai. Jimmy is keen to learn of any experiences or learnings anyone can share … ?? Cheers.

One of my most fun experiences was riding a bike through the central part of Beijing. That was in 1997. I think cars have taken over the place by now.

There are a few Chinese unicyclists in the Unicycle Chat group on Facebook. They’d probably have a few pointers.

My experience is outdated, but if you bring a unicycle to the Great Wall Myutan-Yu, you may be allowed to ride it up there. We did this in 1993 and 2000, but those were both specific events for unicycles, though the 2000 visit was just a tourist thing, the day after Unicon X was over. There were probably a couple of hundred unicyclists there, arriving in several big buses, but it was otherwise a normal day of tourist operation. Some brought unicycles, others were too hung over from the previous evening’s “Beer Workshop”. :slight_smile:

Kris Holm also famously did some riding on the Great Wall Ba-Da-Ling (closer to Beijing), which can be seen with a quick Web search. I’m pretty sure they just showed up and did that. Again, that was in 2000, so much may have changed since then.