riding to work

Even though i don’t have my coker fixed, i decided to uni to work yesterday. The weather was super nice and i have a very pleasant route.

Distance was about 7 miles each way. I was riding a UDC 24" muni with a Hookworm tire and a KH air saddle. 1:22 going to work, 1:26 coming home.

very much fun!

Nice, that’s a long commute on a 24!

A pleasant route makes all the difference, and good weather helps as well. This year I started commuting to work by uni and it makes work a little more bearable after getting a workout on the way. :slight_smile:

I started going the direct route which is about 3.5 miles, but then got bored and worked out a few alternatives. My favorite is a 6.5 mile route that avoids much of the traffic and has the advantage of more shade.


When I have a really bad day, it is always calming to get on my uni and settle down, Thank God For Unicycles

don’t you get all sweaty and nasty for work? i want to ride to work too but i don’t wanna get all nasty.