Riding to jump

On Sat, 08 Mar 2003 19:48:08 +0100, Anders <anders.rustad@broadpark.no> wrote:

>I wonder how you manage to jump so high with speed. I can jump by riding,
>stopping, then hopping. But how do you jump so high with speed.

Take a look at the excellent tips and techniques section of <www.muniac.com>.

Klaas Bil

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That’s pretty much it…

While riding along, stop and jump quickly. Then go back and do it again. After not long you’ll be able to do it in a fairly smooth fashion, to the point when you’re not really stopping at all; the pedals stop turning very briefly as you begin your jump but because you’re moving forwards the jump isn’t just up but forwards too.

Rhysling has a picture somewhere explaining Dan Heaton jumping onto a car bonnet*. Start the way you mean to go on… :slight_smile:


  • Bonnet! Yes, BONNET! The front of a car! Mmmkay?