Riding to BUC? Anyone?

A long time ago, I was silly enough to suggest that I’d buy an unspecified but significant amount of beer or unhealthy alcoholic drinks of their choice for the person who rode furthest to BUC.

Is anyone going for this?

My route looks like being about 120 miles, probably 140 once I’ve detoured to go to places I went to as a kid that I want to see again, and possibly to go through a place called Thwing because it sounds funny. I’m sure there are loads of people who live further away than that, who are in with a chance, even if you don’t, there’s always the option of taking a long route.


thats a crazy idea, ill take a lift of my dad thanks

Quite a normal idea for Joe.

Unfortunately I’ve got to drive there – I’ll ride another time, maybe.

Joe must be a mad man :smiley:
he has my respect

Unfortunately I won’t be riding, too many things going on, and I’m nowhere near prepared enough to do it this year, maybe next year…

I’ll add a pint to Joe’s unspecified amount of beer if anyone manages to ride further than him :slight_smile:


Re: Riding to BUC? Anyone?

>Joe must be a mad man :smiley:
>he has my respect

don’t ever mistake madness with stupidity!

I’m not going to BUC, but I promise to ride all the way from home to the next unicycle event I attend. Does that count? :smiley:


no :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill do it next year if it’s in Rhyl.


Oh, you foolish man! You can’t make comments like that around Joe. He doesn’t understand that these blatantly silly ideas aren’t meant to be done, he will actually think you mean it.

You don’t think I’m actually not going because of work? I’ve been finished for weeks, I just need an excuse so that he can’t talk me into riding there.