riding time per day?

Just out of curiosity about how much time each day do you spend on your uni?

For me its anywhere around 30 minutes(i try to make that my minimum) to all day…but recently i have been riding about 2-3 hours total per day. Usually i wake up at about 6.00 and then ride about a mile loop around my house. Usually that takes about half an hour(would be much faster if i didnt stop to jump and gap everything)…during lunch at school i can get in about 20 minutes, after school i try to squeeze in maybe a half hour before i go to work. Depending on how tired i am when i get home from work i usually ride until it gets too dark to see, which is usually about an hour and a half.

anyways, i was just curious to see how much other people are riding.

Mine, are about 1-5 hours a day. Recently, I havent been riding much cause of an ankle injury, so I just use it for transport now, cause any jumping around will hurt really bad, so about an hour a day just to ride from my school home.