Riding the 8 foot and 8 foot zigzag for the first time! fun...fun...fun

WHOOOOOOooooo!! today i rode the 8 foot and the 8 foot zigzag for the first time

it was so much fun…it was hard to get up and it was scary cause i had to hold on to somthing dusty so it was slippery…lol…so when i got up…someone held up a pole and offered it to me(this was one the 8 foot)and i said no i got it and rode off…

then i got up on the 8 foot zigzag…wow…i got up and it wasnt as bad as getting up on the regular 8 foot…then i rode off on that one too!!

I am such a natural at heights…

I had so much fun today and i engourage other people to try these cool thingy-ma-bobs


What is this 8 foot zigzag?

yeah, never heard of one. do you have a photo?



It looks sorta like that … i will try to get a picture by sunday

Basically it is an eight foot giraffe that is zigzaged it is F~U~N!

I’ve seen one it goes seat, down, cranks, down, left 3-4 ft, down, wheel

Sounds like Peter Rosendahl’s “sideways giraffe.” That’s what I call it, not sure what he calls it. Never seen it in person, but it would be cool, especially in a spin!

Please post pictures of your zig-zag. Where are you?

I believe I’ve seen that, or at least something just like that. I saw it on someone’s website, don’t remember who’s. Must be a massive pain to make them.

the crab cycle?

The crab cycle doesn’t have any zig-zag. It’s just a gearbox on an otherwise fairly ordinary giraffe. Peter Rosendahl’s frame goes down a little below the pedals, makes a hard right turn for a couple of feet, then a hard left again taking it down to the wheel. “Normal” zig-zag giraffes are bent to the front & rear, like that piece of ASCII art above.

I taught him the kick-up mount.

i think he means thats what the sideways giraffe is, a crabcycle. but i could be wrong


In our club, we call Dave Bagley’s uni the Crabcycle. He had it built by Tommi Miller. It has a gearbox that converts his pedaling 90 degrees so that he pedals forward but it rides sideways. The wheel is set 90 perpendicular to the seat.

In great detail (plus photos): http://www.tux.org/~bagleyd/crab.html


3 months is a fair while to learn…
Looks pretty cool…very confusing :slight_smile:

You think that’s confusing…:smiley: Try riding these

You think that’s confusing…:smiley: :smiley: Try riding these…


Yeah im still looking for a real picture…

And John i live in Bowling Green Ohio and i am part of the Wow one wheelers group(Wow)

Our club is falling apart right now and we only have 3 people that are past level five…but there are only like 10 people that actually try to pass levels… Jan our club leader is getting cranky and we are loosing people also the only advertisement we have for our club is a one by one ad in the newspaper in December …sad huh

Well my friend April is borrowing the eight foot and eight foor zigzag from a past wow member that does not use them anymore…

I hope someday one of us can but them off of the person

And if anybody has any way to help our club please tell me!

It is sad how we are falling apart…i read somewhere that we used to be the best around and that we had 150+ members and i dont want to let the club fall apart anymore…thankz

Here is another example of a zigzag:


We have unicycle practice again tonight…but…i dont think the building is tall enough…?not sure

Ill try to get a pic if i can…

I saw this crazy mad perfomer ride a very tall jig-zag girraffe as part of his performance at the Brighton Fringe Festival. In the unicycle part, he was balancing a full glass of water on top of his head, idling the 8-foot tall unicycle and juggling three metal baseball bats. It was rather impressive.

He did a lot of other good stuff too. I wish I knew his name.

For people who don’t like links:

John, have you updated your page on weird unicycles lately?

wow, that looks hard! I had in idea to make something like that, but there was another seat on the other side, so it was a 2 person giraffe! It looked very complicated though.