Riding the 10K at NAUCC : seat upgrade problems

I’m planning to ride in the 10K at NAUCC tomorrow. I was about to switch the KH Fusion Freeride from my Bedford 29 to my Torker 24 when I noticed that the seat bases are not compatible, and the seatpost diameters are different.

So, I either need a seatpost for my Torker that will take the KH seat, or basically any way to get a more comfortable seat on the Torker. And I need it tomorrow. I was initially planning to ride my Bedford 29, but decided that I don’t want to compete against geared 36’s :slight_smile:

I’ll be driving up to Saline in the morning (I’m staying with my sister in Bowling Green). If anyone can help me out or has a suggestion, let me know. I’ll check my messages before I leave in the morning.


yea, the only seat for the lx is the lx seat or the miyata one. best option would be to buy a new seatpost for the lx so that you can use the KH fusion and basically any other seat. should be able to find a dealer at naucc.

good luck from back home!


I have an old-style Miyata seat on my Freestyle uni. Standard Miyata post diameter (whatever that was). You can try that, but it doesn’t have a handle, just the old-school bumper.

Also I have a much more recent Nimbus version of the KH seat on my 24", which is also “done” for the convention. I already took the cranks off to put on the Coker I’ll be riding. Same size post; if the diameter is right it should also fit, which gives you two choices of seat. Find me at Lakeshore Park or later when we all get to Rolling Hills. 916-267-8809

how’d it go?

10K limited results

I placed 1st for 19 and older :slight_smile:

Time : 48:40

I rode on the Torker LX seat, but wore some extra padding to compensate. Started getting uncomfortable about 2/3 of the way into the race.

I guess those hilly 4 mile rides did some good.


Wow, great for you!

That was the 24" category, BTW. Kudos to everyone who rode that “longer” version of the race in the near-record heat! I pity everyone who doesn’t have, or couldn’t bring, something larger. I’m lucky enough to know great people who loan me unicycles to race on, even if they happen to be brand new! :slight_smile:

10K limited

I actually brought my 29. Strategically, a rider of my experience (13 months) racing an non-geared 29 in the unlimited race would have put me at quite a disadvantage. In its’ own crazy way, the limited race was the only one where I thought I would have a chance of performing reasonably well. I’m still pretty stunned at how well I did.

I didn’t ride at all yesterday, and did a 2 mile ride today. That 10K was the hardest physical activity I have ever done, but very satisfying to have completed.


You have a point with that 24" category. A non-geared 29" isn’t competitive at all against Schlumpfs and 36ers. That’s why I didn’t bring mine! :slight_smile:

Now you may get hooked. My first racing experience was coming in 3rd in the “mile” race in 1980 (for riders 15 and up or so). I thought that was HUGE, and trained heavily for the following years…