Riding Straight on a Plank ??

Hello Everyone !!!

How can I ride Straight on a very narrow plank ??

How do I control ??

Is it the waist or the legs??

Please reply !!!

I’m pleased to tell you Guys that Yesterday for the first time after two months of ridding I managed to carry my little boy who is 4 on the Unicycle !! It lookedd realy cool and easy !!!

Easy cause of the weight ?? You are the Experts !! please reply !!

Thanks for your reply on Jumping Fluffinator 007 !!

Thanks Guys

In normal riding, you can just move the unicyle in whatever direction you need to stay upright. When working with a narrow line, you can’t do this, so the upper body (hips to fingertips) has to do all of the adjustments for balance. Keep your arms up in the air, but not waving around. Focus on making smooth, even pedals with your legs, and practice practice practice!


you will be waving your arms. pedal forward, slowly, and if you start to lose your balance towards the left, throw your arms to the left (counterclockwise over you head, so that your arms are always on the same plane with eachother). this will push your hips to the right, which will help you regain your balance. do the opposite if you start to fall right. you will have to learn how to use your body to balance like this so it will take some practice. start by riding along a line painted on the road (watch out for cars). once you feel comfortable on the ground try doing it higher and higher off the ground. a cross training technique is still stand. this is where you stand up on the uni, dont pedal, and use you arms to balance. again, have your arms pointed up, forming a “Y” with your body. it will take a while to get, but once you can get at least 5 seconds (stillstand) you will notice significant improvement in your skinny riding.

just have the balls to do it. part of it is probably you being scared. if you watch the video in my signature we ride across a couple of planks.

That’s the key in my opinion, but it depends how wide it is. You could probably get away with just fine tuning riding in a straight line in the normal fashion for stuff that’s 15-30cm or so wide. When it’s more like 35mm wide though there’s no room to move the wheel side to side underneath you so you have to move your body instead. Download some videos, or better yet buy movies, with Kris Holm riding skinny stuff. His technique is always good to refer to. Into the Thunder Dragon has a great bit of rail riding with a really helpful front on shot that demonstrates what ‘muniracer’ was talking about.


Well then I guess there’s no hope for me, eh? I can do about 10cm with my buckled rim, probably a little less, I havn’t tried, but it’s hard just to ride straight with it. 35mm with my buckled rim just aint gonna happen.

well, once it gets as thin as your wheel anything smaller wont be harder, since the width is still based on the width of your tire. unless of course, you factor in any slippy variable.


How buckled is your rim?


Too buckled to ride along a 35mm rail I would say. I can notice it being harder to control. It’s not just: if it’s buckled 1cm, it’ll throw you off 1cm. It throws me off more than it’s buckled.

is it actually buckled…like with a crease at the buckle, or is it only warped, which spoke tension could correct?

I’m no genius in what these terms mean so I wouldn’t know for sure but the guys at my LBS definately mentioned it was ‘buckled’ so that’s what I’m gonna go along with.