Riding Skinnies

I’ve been trying to work on this recently, and my current plan of action is to start small with curbs and such, but I’m having issues with anything smaller than that. I’m also finding it difficult to mount while on what I plan on riding, so any tips on that would be appreciated as well.

I’d say the main problem with mounting on a skinny is staying straight throughout the whole mount, as I usually make a slight curve after mounting.

So it’s more the approach and start of riding one that’s the difficult part for me.

try hopping onto the skinny instead of mounting on it. this is what i do

find one of these

good beginner skinny. practice hopping on to it, and mounting. mounting is basically all in your head. if you think you’re gonna fail the mount you will. have both arms out wide when mounting

practice stillstands in both crank positions(do stillstand, ride forward half a rev, another stillstand)
keep all weight on the saddle
i prefer the ball of my foot to be on the pedal rather than the middle of my foot
practice both trying to go as slow as possible across the skinny and as fast as possible.

i would take this dudes advice. he can stillstand for hours

Alright, I think there’s a parking lot about half a mile from my house, so I’ll see what’s there.

So thank you. :smiley:

If I’m not hunting for a trench coat on Friday, I’ll check the spot out and post any progress I make there.

I’ve also found it helpfull to think of the process as separate steps, although I could be wrong as I’m not very consistent. Here is what I advise:


  • Stick the mount onto the skinny, don't even think about riding yet.
  • Pause until you feel stable.
  • Ride. [/LIST]

    As you get better the pause gets smaller and smaller until it looks like one smooth motion.

  • Thank you! This is a great help. I have been practicing riding curbs in my neighborhood. The farthest I have gotten (by simple luck) is 31 rotations. I think the advice of keeping your weight in the saddle will be very helpful. Also, I need to work on my stillstand.


    thats a lot, maybe you should find something skinnier. 31 revs prob means you are on a 6 inch curb

    Advice from the master.