riding sif

can anyone give me a tutorial or some helpful hints

Learn first how to ride standing over the seat if you don’t know how already and learn to ride with your stomach on the seat. This makes learning sif so much easier. All you have to do is lean over the uni putting your stomach on the seat and ride. This helps with learning seat in front because you can still use both arms for balance but your not on the seat. (I hope that made sense). :thinking:

Learn to hop SIF first.

Then hold the seat against your thigh and try riding.

After that, hold the seat further away from you and ride.

surfer you are my hero we absolutley have to meet up in chicago maybe your godliness will rub off on me


did you ever reply to my comment in the chicago thread rob? you should, lol

lol, Well I feel like a noob compared to some other people on here. :slight_smile:

Me too, but I’m the best rider in Hamilton. Out of like… 6 people. 1 of which I ride with…

im not that far behind the noob level either. I can ride distance and light muni but as far as trials and freestyle are concerned I’m not that advanced.

I can kinda wheel walk… roll into it, but not roll out yet.

Trials… 13" sidehop… 3 foot gap static… can’t pedal grab… yeah I suck I’m going to stop typing now.

One thing that I found to be much harder to do on a hevy uni is pedalgrab. I could do it on my 2* pound learner uni but can’t on my 14.4 pound hoppley.

*It’s broken

only 2 pound :astonished: :astonished:

I live in hamilton too and im looking to buy a trials uni. Wher did you buy yours?